About Monette

Monette was born in Minneapolis, MN. Growing up, her parents often took her to the Guthrie Theatre, Northrop Auditorium and The Children’s Theatre Company. At home, she had her own puppet theater where dinner guests were invited to see a variety of original shows. Around the age of seven, she would frequently perform the dying swan from Swan Lake in the living room--in a purple tutu. In elementary school, she played an ant in The Ant and the Grasshopper--important because it was her first speaking role: “We have work to do.”. Her grandmother claimed that Monette said she wanted to be an actress when she was three. Monette does not remember saying or thinking this, all above evidence to the contrary.

In addition to all this live performance, there was also a great deal of time spent watching movies. The local video rental shop was a favorite after school stop. She filled one summer break by watching her own videotape of the TV broadcast of “Grease” every single day. She still knows all the words--except for the one’s the network censored for prime time.

There were Girl Scout and church plays, choir performances, dance classes, arts camps, drama club competitions and High School Musicals. But still, she was not convinced.

Upon graduation, she went to Mount Holyoke College for her Freshman year, intending to study History and English. She did. But she was also cast in a few plays that year. A visiting director pulled her aside after rehearsal one day and asked what she was doing there. Why wasn’t she at an acting school? He said, “In life, there are people who dip their big toe into the shallow end of the pool, and there are people who leap off the high dive. You don’t seem like a shallow end kind of girl.” That was it.

With a few suggestions from that kind director, Monette set out to find a new path. She took a 6am bus from Amherst, MA, to New York City and auditioned for Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. That fall, she entered there as a Sophomore. She graduated with honors and awards from her acting studio.

After moving to Los Angeles, Monette has found great success in theatre, working all over America on stages such as McCarter Theatre Center, Arena Stage, Pasadena Playhouse and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. She has also had some wonderful film and television experiences, including working with Diane Keaton and Garry Marshall.

Please check this website’s News page for Monette’s current and upcoming projects.



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