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"Shrewd, emotionally resonant"
The actors deliver shrewd, emotionally resonant performances, enhancing the balanced, well-drawn characters Eason has given them. Hudock and Magrath don’t just appear to be having fun - and they should, what with all the physical and psychological thrusting and parrying they’re doing onstage. They also seem to be speaking to one another. That’s because they’re listening to each other.
— Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer
"Fine and focused performance"
Beautiful Monette Magrath textures her performance as Olivia so well that there is no acting involved, just Magrath living as Olivia. The character’s pain and conflicted pattern of making decisions, after being subjected to harsh criticism for her writing, which represents her very essence, and believing that she must listen to those outside voices, is readily apparent. Her sensitivity not to trust and be pulled in again, causes her not to trust Ethan’s motives. This is a fine and focused performance.
— Roy Berko,