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"Refreshing sparkle"
An outstanding cast, each member managing to inject a sense of freshness into characters that have been known to many of us for years. Despite a feeling of familiarity when seeing names like Tom and Daisy Buchanan on stage again, every player in this new ATC production has managed to infuse a refreshing sparkle to each of Fitzgerald’s famous characters. It’s like meeting them for the first time.
— David Appleford, KEZ 99.9
"Captures this character of contradictions"
Monette Magrath has a challenging role as Daisy Buchanan. Daisy appears flighty, giddy and perhaps a tad shallow. But there’s great sadness and great hope just under the surface. Magrath captures this character of contradictions and makes it clear why Gatsby and everyone she meets seems to fall in love with her.
— Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star
"Magrath shines"
Monette Magrath shines as Daisy Buchanan, imbuing her with an energy that makes her simultaneously wonderfully alive and desirable, but dangerously on the edge of a breakdown.
— Dave Irwin, Tucson Sentinel