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"Get into your heart, not under your skin"
The performances will astound you. Magrath made Sonia a bundle of energy, high strung, to say the least, but in a way that gets into your heart, not under your skin. She made us understand the double-edged sword of the precociousness of genius: she was bubbly, enthusiastic, and curious, all good qualities for a scientist, all good qualities to set her up for a big fall from jealous cohorts.
— James Scarborough, LA Drama Critics Circle Member Review
"Like a miniature hurricane"
Sonia (Monette Magrath) bursts into Lawrence’s world like a miniature hurricane. Magrath conveys Sonia’s quirky charms, and she lets us see enough of her character’s underlying ambition that Sonia’s more selfish actions are plausible, if not likeable.
— Paul Hodgins, The Orange County Register
"Seems like a real human being"
‘The Ice-Breaker’ features two strong, yet nuanced, characters who deserve our undivided attention. On stage, Magrath seems like a real human being. She is propelled by Sonia’s endless hot air, which is sometimes a bluster, other times a breeze.
— David Wielenga, OC Weekly