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"Phenomenal... beautifully portrayed"
The acting of the main actors was phenomenal, and the relationships between the characters were beautifully portrayed. In scene one, Emily and Amir’s scene where she paints him, the relationship between a husband and wife could be sensed, even before it was actually announced.
— Jalyn Gadson, Writers’ Square
"Most difficult part... fine job"
Monette Magrath has the most difficult part. Emily is the most evolved, the most decent of the quartet. She even has the advantage of not having to think of sliding into stereotype because she fits none, except perhaps being the artist who accepts all and looks at everything as something that might inform a creation. Being a white woman, she didn’t have the same influences to thwart while trying to forge her identity. Given that Emily is the character with the least demonstrative personality, Magrath does a fine job conveying her decency and normality.
— Neal Zoren,
"Strong chemistry"
Playing Emily, Amir’s wife, is Monette Magrath. Magrath and Vahdat have a strong chemistry onstage, and she persuasively plays a woman whose world view may be seen as naïve...a remarkably talented cast.
— Kelli Curtin,